Why did CiMSO support change from Teamviewer to Anydesk?

Johan Marais Questions from our customers

At CiMSO we strive to deliver both efficient and effective service to our clients – we keep a close eye on new support tools and ways to curb support expenses. CiMSO has for several years been using TeamViewer for online support. Due to TeamViewer’s ever-increasing cost and license limitations, CiMSO decided to evaluate an alternative tool called AnyDesk.

What is 24/7 support in terms of CiMSO’s LUSA’s?

Johan Marais Questions from our customers

Both the CiMSO Support agreement (LUSA) and the Service Level Agreement (LU&SLA) offers 24 hours per day, seven days per week support. The contracts specify severity levels and stipulate that only severity 1 & 2 issues, called mission-critical issues, will be supported 24 x 7, while severity 3 & 4 issues, non-mission-critical issues, will be serviced on weekdays during office hours.

Do mobile devices help me manage my property more effectively and improve customer service?

Johan Marais Questions from our customers

The request for mobile guest services on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets is on the increase, and innovators are beginning to punt various services to the hospitality industry. Early adopters provide mixed responses…