Erindi Private Game Reserve

Joining CiMSO’s family – Erindi Private Game Reserve

26th November 2020
Johan Marais

Erindi Private Game Reserve is a protected reserve in central Namibia. Erindi, meaning “place of water”, is a sustainable natural wonderland. With 70,719 hectares of pristine wilderness under their care, they have undertaken an immense task to pursue conservation initiatives in the name of eco-friendly tourism, whilst empowering our local communities.

Today, Erindi is an idyllic retreat boasting two camps, a rich cultural heritage, knowledgeable guides and unmatched hospitality – ensuring visitors have the kind of safari that lives in memory for a lifetime.

Cimso software

There are three unique accommodation types to enjoy at Erindi that gets managed with CiMSO’s INNkeeper. They also make use of CiMSO’s ACTIVities as they offer over 20 meaningful activities that allow you to get up close and personal with our wildlife, interact with informative guides and explore our vast landscape.

Erindi assigned a contract with CiMSO Business Solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Erindi stated that, if it wasn’t for the outbreak of coronavirus they wouldn’t have been able to assign this contract with us. This is a well-known Game Reserve, so during this pandemic, they had extra time on their hands for the Installation & Training, even though it was done remotely, they were very satisfied with their newly implemented Hotel Management Software.