CiMSO Business Solutions Network

The CiMSO business solutions network delivers a range of specialised professional services, including distribution and deployment of CiMSO software and ongoing maintenance of secure customer data platforms, in compliance with our ISO90001 compliant Quality Management System. Services include:

  • Project management – development and deployment using PRINCE II methodologies
  • Data transfer - data analysis, data export and import and data audit services
  • Installation – platform validation, environment preparation and system installation
  • Software development - ongoing system enhancements with biannual releases
  • Configuration - best practice processes and governance strategies
  • Training - syllabus based training with certification listed on an international register
  • Support - service level agreement (SLA) with 24/7 emergency support
  • System Audits - SAS70 aligned service audits and forensic investigations

Please direct enquiries to Contact Us > CiMSO Network or e-mail: 

Service Level Agreement:

CiMSO’s License Upgrade and Service Level Agreement (LUSA) offers the following:

  • All future upgrades to their programs - no unexpected, non-budgeted software upgrade expenses
  • International call center and local help desk support - on demand without invoices or charges
  • Emergency support when you need it - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • On-site consulting, training and support services - at specially discounted service rates

Download Applications:

Click here to Download LibreOffice.
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Click here to Download Filezilla
Click here to Download AnyDesk from the AnyDesk website.
Click here to Download Advanced PDF Utilities Free.
Click here to Download 7zip from the 7zip website.
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