Real estate register with leasing and timeshare management

Property Register

  • Property register with extensive property, structure, services and facilities information

  • Property view grid with an expandable tree view of buildings, sub-units and unit profiles

  • Link owner and occupier profiles as well as unlimited configurable levies to each property

  • Share register and share assignment for share block and time share management

  • Configure construction project stages with work progress photos to support the sales process

  • Manage sales using integrated WORKflow system with project board, stages and case boxes

  • Manage contracts and letters using integrated DOCmanager with templates and merge fields

  • Create maintenance tickets and track resolution progress using integrated HELPdesk system

cimso rest software suite


  • Content rich, colour coded timeshare display grid, with a fast link to owner or occupier profile

  • Fast timeshare period and module adjustment

  • Place selected periods in the rental pool

  • Seamless integration to INNkeeper for CRO and online reservations from FIT, OTA, TO and channel manager sources

  • Fast timeshare reservations from the timeshare display grid or directly from the INNkeeper occupancy grid for rental pool units or time slots

Levy Transactions

  • Configure unlimited levies, levy types and invoicing batches for variable timeshare periods

  • Configure a levies ledger, raising bulk pro forma invoices without taxable revenue on the levies until receipt of payment when the pro forma invoice is automatically converted to a tax invoice

  • Process levy invoices as a consolidated line, a line per levy, or separate invoice per levy

Leasing (Rental)

  • Content rich, colour coded leasing display grid, with a fast view and edit of lease profiles

  • Configurable lease term and renewal periods with usage, subletting and status restrictions

  • Assignment of deposit, rental and rental cap percentages as well as lease renewal duration

  • Document management system with templates and merge fields for lease agreements

  • Integrated WORKflow system to manage contract archiving, stamp duties and KYC compliance

Metered Services

  • Configurable metering types and measuring units with fast meter reading capture

  • Fast mass invoicing with auto calculation of metered services based on meter readings

  • Application provider interface (API) for data exchange with telemetry metering devices

Vehicle Parking

  • Manage parking permits for ad-hoc (cash), seasonal (invoiced) and lodging (folio) parking

  • Register vehicle details and identification unit (IU) numbers and RFID cards for boom control

  • Access control restrictions determined by account credit limit and permit status

  • Design and print vehicle permit labels and RFID, QR code, barcode or mag stripe cards


  • Local server or computer

  • Distributed replicating servers

  • Cloud server


  • Full documentation (SOP based)

  • On-site, in person training

  • Live online or webinar training


  • Business hours phone and mail

  • Online chat and remote access

  • Live 24/7 emergency support


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Rest Software Suite

Comprehensive software for Hotel Reservations, Lodging PMS, Leasing and Timeshare :


cimso hotel management software
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