Comprehensive customer relationship management and communication at your fingertips

Customer Relations

  • Customer data platform (CDP) with comprehensive customer profiles and images

  • Extensive demographic and psychographic status profiling and market segmentation

  • Limitless, user defined status links for client segmentation and contact management

  • Client identification using RFID, QR and barcode cards with card design and printing

cimso identify software suite


  • Integrated e-mails, SMSs, faxes and soft phone dialling with communication history

  • Electronic document management and e-filing with security lock, fast search and retrieval

  • Fast bulk communication blasts distributed via e-mail, SMS, fax and postal services

  • Customer communication tracking by staff profile, integrated to staff tasks and activities

Service Tickets

  • Service ticket system integrated to the customer data platform, communications and accounts

  • Fast ticket creation from your webpage, mobile device or LAN / WAN computer

  • Immediate confirmation receipt sent to customer via e-mail or SMS (text)

Support Requests

  • Fast capture of an error or support request, with allocation of severity status, support category and resolution progress

  • Identify delivery location for the required support - used in INNkeeper and REALtor

  • Fast staff to ticket assignment with unlimited additional assignments to escalate support

  • Deadline target date allocation, progress tracking and time spent per assignment

  • Capture unlimited photo images per staff assignment with photo feed from mobile phone

Resolution Progress

  • Support progress dashboard with large screen display and running totals for created, closed and open tickets

  • View large screen display in four simultaneous views with real-time ticket count for today, the last 24 hours or a user specified date range

  • Knowledge base of common support issues or requests with fast search and retrieve of error diagnosis with resolution instructions

  • Fast SMS progress reports and e-mail diagnosis with resolution instructions to customer

Task Management

  • Staff task and activity scheduling with priority settings and progress tracking

  • Pop-up task and activity reminders with messaging across LAN’s and WAN’s


  • Standard system reports with extensive data, status and timeline filters

  • Reporting consoles with extensive filters for user designed reports and BI statistics


  • Local server or computer

  • Distributed replicating servers

  • Cloud server


  • Full documentation (SOP based)

  • On-site, in person training

  • Live online or webinar training


  • Business hours phone and mail

  • Online chat and remote access

  • Live 24/7 emergency support


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Identify Software Suite

Comprehensive CRM software with powerful client identification capability includes the following products:


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