Fast touch screen points of sale for shops and retail outlets

System Features

  • Fast, accurate sales process using barcode scanning with support for multiple scanners

  • User configurable touch button screen with stock image display to select non barcode items

  • Fast, flexible payment process using client displays, cash drawers and slip printers

  • Integrated inventory procurement and control supporting multiple warehouses and stores

  • Integrated accounts receivable (debtors) with loyalty management and points redemption

cimso live software suite


  • Combine multiple same items to a single line on the print slip

  • Fast line item reversal for transaction correction

  • Flexible discount by item or per entire bill

  • Capture client nationality and head count demographics for marketing purposes


  • Process multiple payment types as well as loyalty points redemption

  • Accept split payments using different payment types and multiple forex currencies

  • Credit card payment processing interfaced directly to specified credit card terminals

  • User customisable slip print layout with support for graphic images

Debtor Account Management

  • Validate debtor’s or member’s identity by photo image and image of signature

  • Fast validation of debtor’s credit limit, membership status and accrued loyalty points

  • Capture customer signatures on display touch screens and show on the printed slip

  • Integrated to lodging (INNkeeper) in-house guest lists for direct billing to guest folios

Cash and Revenue Control

  • Cash control with fast, multi-level, multi-currency cash up control and reconciliation

  • Extensive revenue audit facilities with detailed change log of specified user activities

Inventory (Stock) Control

  • Control Products (stock), Services, Charges, Recipes and Bill Of Material (BOM) items

  • Buy stock by palette and sell by crate, tray, package or single sub-unit of measure

  • Unlimited warehouse and stores with location control, cost allocation and revenue yield

Value Proposition

  • Next Generation technology delivers evolving and increasingly more efficient systems

  • Customer-centric design ensures improved client service delivery and satisfaction

  • Seamless integration offers real time financial and operational reporting

  • Complete financial control with peer review for transparency and accountability

  • Data synchronization provides centralised control for geo-distributed transaction points

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) support with worldwide 24/7 emergency response

  • Reduced cost of ownership facilitates improved ROI and bottom line profit margins



Live Software Suite

Software to effectively manage food, beverage and retail with stock control:


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