Secure data exchange with devices across the Cloud

System Features

  • Exchange data with servers, mobile devices and web pages via the worldwide Cloud

  • Highly secure, encrypted, proprietary data transmission on the trusted TCP/IP protocol

  • Affordable connectivity via Diginet, DSL, RF, G3-5, VSat, or even dial-up modem

cimso collaborate software suite

Data Exchange

  • Minimise data stored in the Cloud and reduce the risk of GDPR or data privacy breaches

  • Near real-time updating of financial and operational processes from mobile devices

  • Minimize double-bookings between central reservations offices and properties

  • Application Programmable Interfaces (API’s) for application development by 3rd parties

Proprietary Technology

  • INNterchange is a proprietary messaging system that does not rely on 3rd party technology


  • User access controlled by two processes requiring encrypted NIST compliant passwords

  • User work process restrictions controlled by configurable multi-level security pre-sets

  • User access monitoring with controls for banned passwords and multiple login attempts

  • Specified data encrypted and stored in compliance with GDPR and PCI requirement

Value Proposition

  • Next Generation technology delivers evolving and increasingly more efficient systems

  • Customer-centric design ensures improved client service delivery and satisfaction

  • Seamless integration offers real time financial and operational reporting

  • Complete financial control with peer review for transparency and accountability

  • Data synchronization provides centralised control for geo-distributed transaction points

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) support with worldwide 24/7 emergency response

  • Reduced cost of ownership facilitates improved ROI and bottom line profit margins


  • Local server or computer

  • Distributed replicating servers

  • Cloud server


  • Full documentation (SOP based)

  • On-site, in person training

  • Live online or webinar training


  • Business hours phone and mail

  • Online chat and remote access

  • Live 24/7 emergency support

CiMSO INNterchange

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Collaborate Software Suite

Software to manage a local server and web-based data interchange:

cimso hotel management software
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