Comprehensive membership and loyalty administration

Customer Relations

  • Customer data platform (CDP) with main, dependent and nominee member profiles

  • Extensive demographic and psychographic status profiling and market segmentation

  • Limitless, user defined status links for members’ segmentation and contact management

  • Member identification using RFID, QR and bar code cards with card design and printing

cimso identify software suite


  • Integrated e-mails, SMSs, faxes and soft phone dialling with detailed communication history

  • Electronic document management and e-filing with a security lock, fast search and retrieval

  • Fast bulk MarCom blasts distributed via e-mail, SMS, fax and postal service

  • Customer communication tracking by staff profile, integrated to staff tasks and activities

  • Subscription to and bulk distribution of publications with faulty address management

Task Management

  • Staff task and activity scheduling with priority settings and progress tracking

  • Pop-up task and activity reminders with messaging across LAN’s and WAN’s

Membership Management

  • Unlimited user defined membership statuses linked to main, dependent and nominee member profiles

  • Membership statuses and states linked to unlimited user defined membership rules

  • Scheduler for automatic activation, change and reversion of Active, Cancelled, Deceased, Absent and other applicable membership states

  • Members’ access to facilities and privileges preconfigured in membership states schedule

Deposits, Levies and Fees

  • Flexible accounts receivable with collection workflow and automated collection letters

  • Deposits with instalment options and balance reflected on members’ monthly statements

  • Scheduler for automated bulk-billing of levies and fees by members’ statuses and states

  • Transaction authorisation with digital signature capture at all transaction points

  • Validation of a member’s identity by photograph and signature image comparison

  • Bulk Giro and credit card payment processing via direct bank interfaces

Loyalty Management

  • Points based loyalty management with minimum spend rules and penalties

  • Points redemption at all restaurant, bar and retail points of sale outlets


  • User access controlled by two processes requiring encrypted NIST compliant passwords

  • Specified data encrypted and stored in compliance with GDPR and PCI requirements


  • Reporting consoles with extensive filters for user designed reports and BI statistics


  • Local server or computer

  • Distributed replicating servers

  • Cloud server


  • Full documentation (SOP based)

  • On-site, in person training

  • Live online or webinar training


  • Business hours phone and mail

  • Online chat and remote access

  • Live 24/7 emergency support

CiMSO CLUBmanager

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Identify Software Suite

Comprehensive CRM software with powerful client identification capability includes the following products:


cimso hotel management software
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