Flexible workflow configuration and task management

Customer Relations

  • Customer data platform (CDP) with comprehensive customer profiles and images

  • Extensive demographic and psychographic status profiling and market segmentation

  • Limitless, user defined status links for client segmentation and contact management

  • Client identification using RFID, QR and barcode cards with card design and printing

cimso identify software suite


  • Integrated e-mails, SMSs, faxes and soft phone dialling with communication history

  • Electronic document management and e-filing with security lock, fast search and retrieval

  • Fast bulk MarCom blasts distributed via e-mail, SMS, fax and postal services

  • Customer communication tracking by staff profile, integrated to staff tasks and activities

Workflow Configuration

  • Rule based management framework for the creation of unlimited workflow processes

  • Management desks with unlimited, user configurable activities, tasks and actions

  • Seamless integration to master calendar and different categories of diaries

  • Unlimited user defined workflow stages displayed on each management desk

Visual Pipelines

  • User configurable case boxes with contact detail and colour coded contact alerts

  • Colour coded activities and business cycle progress displayed in each case box

  • Case boxes auto positioned by rule based stage control rules and manual drag ‘n drop

  • Fast switching between management desk display and activities list display

Task Management

  • Fast activity, task, action and contact management execution from the management desk

  • System and user configurable tasks linked to priority settings, deadlines and alarms

  • Staff task scheduling with client links, progress tracking and pop-up reminders

  • Task management view grid with task filters and user configurable reports

  • Task alarm with pop-up reminders across LANs and WANs

Help Desk

  • Service tickets integrated to CDP, CRM system and customer’s web page

  • Fast service ticket creation on the fly, from the web page help button or from mobile devices

  • Job progress tracking with fast SMS, e-mail or telephone call feedback to client

  • Stock item expensing to service ticket with seamless integration to stock control system

  • Invoice directly from service ticket or from fast invoice or cash sale processing system


  • Pre-configured workflow templates for sales management, KYC (FICA) and debt collection


  • Client data import facilities, API for Cloud and mobile device data exchange, direct interfaces to financial institutions and middleware interfaces to more than 600 client services devices


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Identify Software Suite

Comprehensive CRM software with powerful client identification capability includes the following products:


cimso hotel management software
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