Fancourt Training and Certification by CiMSO Business Solutions

10th May 2021
Jenevieve Fabre-Schedel

Fancourt had training and certification done by CiMSO Business Solutions on their INNkeeper software. The software company currently offers 3 levels of certification, why not enquire today about certification options?

CiMSO levels of certification

3 levels of certification are offered by CiMSO.

Firstly, the Attendance certification. The attendance training includes the training of the user on how to use the software.

Secondly, the Certificate of Competency includes the training and certification tests, usually aimed at team leaders or senior staff. However, it can be for any staff, depending on the requirements of the client.

Thirdly, the Accreditation certification includes the training, certification tests, and accreditation tests. This level is more for the System Champions in the client’s company.

CiMSO Business Solutions training at Fancourt

CiMSO’s very own, George van Zyl and Franc Le Roux carried out a few weeks of installation of the CiMSO software at Fancourt Hotel. This included training of the staff in order for them to work on the software.

On the 12th of April, Fancourt’s Chief Financial Officer, Ms Joalitha van Zyl, received the certificates from CiMSO on behalf of the hotel staff for the training that they went through.

CiMSO Training Syllabus Overview

We, as CiMSO, provide a syllabus-based course of study in respect of the primary business management areas in the hospitality and service delivery industry. Some areas include customer management; lodging management; financial management, and stock management, just to name a few.

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