Can you provide us with a demonstration version of your software?

3rd May 2018
Johan Marais

Our response is by way of the following illustration:

Cimso software

Will you be able to take a helicopter for a test-drive if you do not have a license to fly helicopters?

The answer is a definite … “No”.

The next question we ask is…

”why not?” The reply will be: “the helicopter is too complex to fly”. If you are not trained and licensed and if you can get it off the ground, chances are very good that you will crash. “But what if you want to test-drive a scooter?” In most cases, we would get the following reply:

”Sure they will allow me to test-drive a scooter – it’s simple – it does not fly”

That’s where we usually keep quiet for a few seconds and most of the time the response comes back… “ah, ok – that’s why CiMSO does not provide demo software”.

So by all means, please allow CiMSO to take you for a test-flight, rather than trying it all by yourself – just sit back and enjoy…