Membership and Loyalty programs creating Long Term guests

8th March 2021
Jenevieve Fabre-Schedel

There has never been a better time for hotels, lodges, resorts, and game parks to take a closer look at one of the most popular aspects of the hospitality business: Membership and Loyalty programs.

These programs can provide great benefits:

  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Saving money through guest/customer retention)
  • Gather valuable Customer Data and Trends
  • Increase guest “wallet-share” at your company/group
  • Reduce “low-margin” guests
  • Guest Appreciation and Retention
  • Better and focused communication
  • Attract new guests/customers
  • Create value, benefits, and exclusivity to guests

Many Hotels are slowly moving away from short-term engagement tactics and moving more towards long-term engagement tactics by offering clients affordable Membership and Loyalty packages. Scott Weller, CTO & co-founder of SessionM (a Mastercard Company) said: “This moment in time is an amazing opportunity to engage customers around their dreams and hopes for the future’’.

Guest membership and loyalty programs should allow:

  • guests to build up (and limit) credit
  • attract new guests through discounts to drive loyalty and membership applications
  • offer guests rewards
  • create ways to accumulate points.
  • communicate – remind loyal members about privileges and exclusivity

Membership and Loyalty Software is part of the CiMSO’s CLUBmanager product. It provides a customer-centric membership and loyalty administration program with recreational activities and wellness management.

It offers:

  • primary and dependent membership control
  • user-defined membership types and numbers
  • rule-based bulk membership fees
  • bulk transactions with loyalty points-management
  • seamlessly integrated into CiMSO’s CLIENTmanager system.

To learn more about the Membership and Loyalty features within CiMSO’s CLUBmanager, contact CiMSO’s marketing team in your theatre.