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CLUBmanager | Elevating the Golf Club Experience

2nd July 2024
Thomas Davidson

In the dynamic world of golf club management, providing an exceptional member experience is the key to success. CiMSO’s CLUBmanager offers a comprehensive suite of tools that empower golf clubs to streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and deliver unparalleled service to their valued members.

Comprehensive Membership Management

At the heart of CLUBmanager lies a robust membership management platform that ensures all member profiles are meticulously maintained and readily accessible. The system’s flexibility allows clubs to cater to various member categories, supporting unlimited user-defined membership statuses linked to main, dependent, and nominee member profiles. This level of customization enables clubs to tailor their offerings and services to each member’s unique needs and preferences. Whether managing family memberships, corporate packages, or specialized membership tiers, CLUBmanager provides the tools to administer and track all aspects of membership effortlessly.

Seamless Communication and Engagement

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a thriving golf club community. CLUBmanager seamlessly integrates email, SMS, and other communication channels, empowering clubs to keep members informed and engaged. The platform’s comprehensive communication history tracking ensures that staff can provide consistent and personalized service, quickly addressing member inquiries and concerns. Leveraging the power of bulk MarCom blasts, clubs can efficiently disseminate essential updates, event invitations, and other relevant information to their entire member base. The detailed tracking capabilities of CLUBmanager allow clubs to monitor the reach and impact of their communications, enabling them to refine their strategies and maximize member engagement.


Streamlined Task Management

Smooth club operations are essential for delivering an exceptional member experience. CLUBmanager’s task management tools allow golf clubs to schedule staff tasks, set priorities, and easily track progress. Pop-up reminders and cross-platform messaging ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page, reducing the likelihood of missed tasks and enhancing overall operational efficiency. By empowering staff to manage their responsibilities effectively, CLUBmanager enables clubs to focus on providing personalized attention and high-quality services to their members.

Loyalty and Rewards Integration

Recognizing and rewarding loyal members is crucial to maintaining a thriving golf club community. CLUBmanager’s integrated loyalty management system allows clubs to implement points-based reward programs with minimum spend rules and redemption options. This seamless integration of loyalty management within the broader membership platform ensures that members can easily track and redeem their earned points, further strengthening their connection to the club and encouraging continued engagement.

CLUBmanager features:

  • Customer Relations: Detailed member profiling, segmentation, and user-defined status links.
  • Communications: Integrated emails, SMS, faxes, softphone dialling, document management, and bulk communication distribution.
  • Task Management: Staff scheduling, priority settings, progress tracking, and reminders.
  • Membership Management: Unlimited membership statuses, automated status changes, and preconfigured facility access.
  • Deposits, Levies, and Fees: Flexible accounts receivable, automated billing, digital signatures, and payment processing.
  • Loyalty Management: Points-based system with redemption at various outlets.
  • Security: Encrypted passwords, data encryption, and GDPR/PCI compliance.
  • Reporting: Customizable reporting consoles for user-designed reports and BI statistics.

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