African Tourism

Africa’s Tourism Sector Revives with UN Tourism’s Strategic Priorities

4th June 2024
Thomas Davidson

The UN Tourism Africa department remains committed to its member states and the advancement of the UN Tourism Agenda for Africa – Tourism for Inclusive Growth. Despite global challenges, the African tourism sector has shown remarkable resilience, with arrivals reaching 96% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023. UN Tourism continues to work towards consolidating tourism development in Africa by focusing on key strategic priorities aligning with its agenda’s core thematic areas.

“Through partnerships and strategic initiatives, we continue to pave the way for a brighter future for African tourism.”

UN Tourism (Africa)

Encouraging Tourism through Sustainable Investment and Education

In the past two years, UN Tourism has strongly encouraged sustainable investment in the African tourism sector. The organization aims to create an enabling environment that attracts domestic and foreign investment, fostering sustainable growth and development across the continent through targeted initiatives such as the production of Tourism Doing Business Guidebooks and strategic partnerships. Education and human capital development remain a cornerstone of UN Tourism’s strategy as it seeks to empower individuals and communities within the tourism sector.

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Showcasing Africa’s Diverse Offerings

UN Tourism will launch initiatives to showcase Africa’s diverse cultural heritage, natural wonders, and unique experiences, bolstering its reputation as a premier travel destination. Zambia and Zimbabwe are set to host two pivotal events for the region: the 2nd UN Tourism Regional Conference on Brand Africa and the 1st UN Tourism Africa Regional Gastronomy Forum, both to be hosted in July 2024.

Looking ahead, UN Tourism’s vision remains resolute. The organization is firmly committed and dedicated to driving the UN Tourism Agenda for Africa—Tourism for Inclusive Growth, supporting its member states in fostering strong collaborations with key tourism stakeholders to develop sustainable tourism projects with meaningful socio-economic impacts across the African region, and guiding the sector towards a future of prosperity and shared benefits.

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