The China sneeze…

13th August 2018
Johan Marais

In today’s changing world, when the USA or China sneezes, the rest of the world goes down with a cold.

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With the recent economic turmoil between USA & China, we see how other territories, regions and countries use the opportunity to strengthen relationships with China. Recently China committed to investing US$14.7-billion in South Africa. Although the Chinese expectations for international travel might go down because of US-Chinese relations, we believe that Chinese relations with both Africa and other Asian countries and regions will help to cushion the economic and travel impact to the Hotel and Lodging industry.

According to Euromonitor International, China will become the biggest source of outbound tourism demand, with 128 million trips by 2022. Asia will likely benefit the most due to its China-ready approach.

Cimso software

How “China-ready” is your marketing? Did you know that Ctrip towers over all its rivals with 2017 sales of US$60Bn, compared to their next travel brand competitor, bringing in sales of US$33Bn? CiMSO provides you access to multiple channels, including Ctrip, through its Siteminder interface.