Why CiMSO customers are called “family”.

28th May 2021
Johan Marais

Why does CiMSO call their customers “family”?

During a business trip to Namibia, CiMSO’s senior systems consultant was tested for COVID-19. George van Zyl spent two weeks in isolation in Windhoek and during this time, George experienced critical lung and breathing difficulty. He was submitted to the local hospital, twice.

“It is a difficult time to be in isolation away from my loved ones and outside my home country. Knowing the dangers of COVID-19, I realise how precious life is”, says George. Our CEO, Pieter Roux’s personal involvement in ensuring the best medical care, provide great peace of mind and support to me.”

Secondly, the other realisation is the value of our CiMSO customer’s support during George’s isolation. For instance, the following customers and individuals went out of their way to support George during this trying time:

In conclusion, CiMSO would like to use this opportunity to thank our customers. Thank you for being more than just customers. You are truly part of our CiMSO family.