How will Hotels deal with Covid-19 Passports?

25th January 2022
Johan Marais

How will Hotels deal with Covid-19 passports and immune certificates?

A host of articles published on the Web deal with vaccination passports and immune certificates. In fact, most countries throughout the world increasingly regulate travel, hospitality and tourism by relying on these documents – in physical or digital form.

One thing is for certain: Hotels, Lodges and Resorts will be required to capture and store their staff and guests’ vaccination documents.

Is there an international standard for Covid-19 Passports?

Currently, there is no single international standard for Vaccination Passports. With the emergence of new viral strands and repeated waves, it becomes increasingly obvious that some form of international vaccination status management is required.

What form will Covid-19 Passports take?

Chances are good that Covid-19 Passports will evolve along the same lines as our Travel Passports, with a similar identification standard – probably QR codes – and a detailed history of vaccinations. Unlike Travel Passports, Vaccination Passports are likely to be digital and will display on our mobile phones.

To facilitate digital Covid-19 Passports every country will have to establish and maintain a National Vaccination Register for its population. This register will be accessible online and will validate every person’s vaccination status by simply scanning the QR code.

Will Covid-19 Passports impact Hotels, Lodges and Resorts?

Most countries have legislation that mandate lodging establishments to record and store proof of guest identity. It is likely that these laws will be extended to include Vaccination Passports. Hotels, Lodges and Resorts will likely be required to capture and store staff and guests’ Covid-19 passports, and to update guest records with every repeat stay.

How will Hotels deal with these requirements?

Effective management of Covid-19 Passports require the following technologies:

  • a client data platform to store the client’s personal data profile;
  • a document management system to store, manage and retrieve copies of the required documents;
  • a quick document capture facility with work flow tools to manage time- or rule based document updates.

CiMSO’s +Connect Suite

CiMSO’s client data platform CLIENTmanager provides extensive personal profile management facilities which include the CiMSO +Connect Suite. The +Connect Suite provides fast import of digital or scanned documents, automatically linked to the client personal data profile. DOCmanager offers comprehensive document management, e-filing and WORKflow to provide FICA and KYC validation and control.

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