Misty Hills Country Hotel

How CiMSO Software Delivers Seamless Solution for Recreation Africa Group’s Hotel Portfolio.

9th April 2024
Johan Marais

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, efficiency and seamless operations are paramount. This is where CiMSO Software Suite offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of businesses like those within the Recreation Africa Group. Through a strategic partnership with CiMSO’s largest value-added reseller, CSS, the Recreation Africa Group has found a reliable ally in optimising hotel and restaurant operations.

Understanding the Needs of The Recreation Africa Group

The Recreation Africa Group comprises renowned establishments such as Misty Hills Country Hotel, Kedar Heritage Lodge, The Carnivore Restaurant, and the Spa in the Country. Recognizing these properties’ diverse requirements, CiMSO offers a range of solutions, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid options, ensuring flexibility to adapt to their specific business models.

Recreation Africa Group chose CiMSO INNkeeper

Seamless Connectivity with INNsync

Through implementing CiMSO’s INNsync product, Recreation Africa properties are seamlessly interconnected. This facilitates uninterrupted operations even during internet downtime, allowing each property to continue transactions locally. Once connectivity is restored, automatic synchronization ensures data integrity across all locations.

Enhanced Direct Bookings with INNterchange and Websync

Recreation Africa Group standardized direct online bookings for Misty Hills Country Hotel and Kedar Heritage Lodge using CiMSO’s INNterchange and Websync products. With nearly 270 lodging units streamlined through these solutions, the group can effectively manage reservations, enhancing guest experience and revenue generation.

Comprehensive Product Suite

Recreation Africa Group benefits from CiMSO’s diverse integrated product suite tailored to their business needs:

  • CLIENTmanager: CRM & CDP streamlining customer relationships and data management.
  • INNkeeper: Property Management System ensuring efficient property management.
  • STOCKmanager: Recipes and Procurement optimizing inventory and procurement processes.
  • RESTaurateur: TAB-based Point of Sale facilitating seamless transactions at restaurant outlets.
  • SPAscheduler: Efficient scheduling of spa treatments, venues, and staff.
  • ACTIVities: Streamlining recreational vessel scheduling.
  • EVENTmanager: Simplifying conference and event management.
  • DOCmanager: Centralized document management for improved accessibility and organization.

Expert Implementation and Support

CiMSO’s Value-Added Reseller, CSS, facilitates and executes successful implementation and ongoing support. From software installation to comprehensive training across all staff levels, Recreation Africa Group benefits from a holistic approach to solution deployment.

Carnivore Johannesburg
Carnivore Johannesburg

Building Lasting Partnerships

Ricky Ressa, Managing Director of CSS, emphasizes the commitment to partnership and mutual success. With CiMSO as a reliable backbone, Recreation Africa Group can confidently navigate the dynamic hospitality landscape while fostering enduring relationships with its patrons.

In conclusion, CiMSO Software Suite, backed by CSS’s expertise, empowers the Recreation Africa Group to achieve operational excellence, elevate guest experiences, and drive sustained growth. By leveraging innovative technology and strategic partnerships, they set a benchmark for efficiency and service excellence in the hospitality industry. We welcome the Recreation Africa group to the CiMSO customer community.

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