When would be the right time to review and evaluate your software?

The right time to review and evaluate the software solution for your Hotel, Resort, or Lodge.

4th August 2021
Johan Marais

“Surely this can not be the right time to assess software solutions!” Is this not the worst time in the history of the hospitality and tourism industry?

Negative news about Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, and Guest Houses closing or “mothballing” proliferate. Many are “hanging on by a thread” to keep their doors open. A few are surviving by focusing on the local markets. Others are making themselves available as isolation centres, working or office areas, and migrate to schools and medical care facilities.

CiMSO believes this is exactly the right time to review and evaluate your Hotel, Resort, or Lodge Software solutions:

  1. Reduce cost of ownership. Are there software solutions which offer more at a reduced cost of ownership? Solutions that pay for themselves… Interested? Visit CiMSO
  2. Do more with less. Does your current software facilitate productivity and contain staff expenses? CiMSO’s integrated ERP software solutions keep your team working no matter whether working from home or office.
  3. All-in-one solution. Legacy software increases hardware platform and support costs, with blame shifting when it comes to support! Now is the time to invest in an integrated ERP solution: Save cost on the hardware platform and have one support desk.
  4. Call a support agent. Are your staff able to call a 24-7 helpline, or do you need to wait days for a simple response?
  5. Cost of upgrades: Do your upgrades cost you “an-arm-and-a-leg”? Look no further – CiMSO’s upgrade and service level agreement provides it all.

Contact CiMSO for a no obligation, free of charge review of the CiMSO ERP solutions and determine how your Hotel, Resort, or Lodge may improve guest service and reduce cost of software ownership.

Contact us now. You have nothing to lose…

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