Ransomware Attacks

Did CiMSO clients have to pay after their Ransomware attack?

13th March 2023
Johan Marais

Ransomware & Crypto Virus attacks were executed on three of CiMSO’s clients during the past two years. Did these clients have to pay to release their reservation data, membership data, stock and procurement data, financial data, and customer data?

As explained in our post (Ransomware and Crypto Virus Attacks), Ransomware is malicious software developed by criminals and downloaded secretly to your computer or server, typically through email attachments. The malicious “software infects” your computer by encrypting your documents, spreadsheets, and even other data and archive files. Once encrypted the files are ‘locked’ and unusable. The perpetrators demand a ransom payment, usually in cryptocurrency, in exchange for ‘unlocking’ the files.

The advantage of replication

CiMSO clients using our INNsync product, have the distinct advantage that all transactions are replicated between properties and archive hosts. Additionally, because INNsync is a proprietary secure CiMSO product, we have never experienced a ransomware attack breach that replicates to other properties or archive hosts.

Attacks on our clients’ systems resulted in our operations team assisting IT departments in accessing and downloading their archived information. All data and files were restored on their “new” host, allowing them to continue working.

“Only one or two transactions accounted for the ‘lost’ data that our clients experienced”, said CiMSO’s Chief Information Officer, Andrew Marshall.

How to protect your system

Learn how to protect your system from Ransomware attacks using CiMSO Software Solution – click here.

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