What is 24/7 support in terms of CiMSO’s LUSA’s?

2nd May 2017
Johan Marais

Both the CiMSO Support agreement (LUSA) and the Service Level Agreement (LU&SLA) offers 24 hours per day, seven days per week support. The contracts specify severity levels and stipulate that only severity 1 & 2 issues, called mission-critical issues, will be supported 24 x 7, while severity 3 & 4 issues, non-mission-critical issues, will be serviced on weekdays during office hours.

Cimso software

“Customers sometimes call us 02:00 am in the morning asking for non-mission-critical support. In those cases, we typically log the call and will address the support request first thing in the morning, in compliance with the customers elected agreement. We will go out of our way to provide the best level of support possible, but we do need to differentiate between mission-critical and non-mission-critical support,” says Operations Manager
Francois le Roux.