CiMSO e-learning piloted

2nd February 2018
Johan Marais

During 2nd half of 2017, CiMSO piloted the development of five e-learning modules. The successful recording and posting of pilot modules to YouTube confirmed the value of making training available to customers in an on-line environment for JIT (Just-in-time) training for new customers and existing customers alike.

Says Managing Director, Pieter Roux: “On-site training and project management will always be an option, but with on-line JIT training and eventually certification roadmap, CiMSO is positioning itself as not only providing a top-class turn-key product and support but allowing top-of-class educational options to our customers.”

To see the sample video vignettes simply Google “cimso educational channel” and click on “videos” to see a playlist. Please send us your feedback to