Does CiMSO provide remote access support as part of their support and training services?

30th September 2017
Johan Marais

CiMSO offers three options for the delivery of training and consulting services:

Option 1: Training at Customer Site, offers the benefit of group staff training, delivered at your establishment, using your facilities. This option offers the lowest cost per student since you only cover the subsistence and travel expenses of a single CiMSO consultant.

Option 2: Training at CiMSO offices, offers the benefit of training facilities at our Somerset West Offices. This option is especially favourable for individual or small group sessions requiring consultancy from our specialist team. Your cost per student may be slightly higher since you have to cover subsistence and travel costs for all your staff.

Option 3: Remote Internet Training, should only be considered if you have fast, stable internet connectivity. As a certified Microsoft partner, CiMSO offers remote training via Skype, for up to 8 hours per day. You require a venue with suitable audio-visual equipment to facilitate user to trainer interaction over the video, with adequate voice and sound facilities. This option is most suited to smaller groups with limited training requirements.