Data is valuable in modern hospitality

5th May 2020
Johan Marais

Hotelier jobs have radically changed over the last few decades. With more Gen-Z’ers around as discussed in a previous newsletter, travellers now expect a hotelier to know certain things about them upon arrival to their destination. Travellers want a seamless experience and data science could be the answer.

Ideally, we all would have a unified guest profile compiled by our actions and preferences. That would allow hoteliers to truly know guests and use that knowledge to provide great service.

Guest data could be used for many aspects of hospitality. Marketing is one of the most evident ways the travel and hospitality industry professionals can use data. It can be used to improve the business’ competitive advantage. In order to capture guest data to develop relationships that go far beyond providing accommodation, you need a Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM allows you to intelligently engage with guests.

CiMSO CLENTmanager provides customer relations & business software for customer preferences and trading history.

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