Lotus Valley Golf Resort

Lotus Valley Golf Resort Elevates Guest Experience with CiMSO’s Integrated Software Solution

26th December 2023
Johan Marais

Lotus Valley Golf Resort, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Chachoengsao, Thailand, has taken a significant leap in enhancing its guest experience by implementing CiMSO’s integrated software solution.

This comprehensive solution covers various aspects of the resort’s operations, including hotels, golf courses, memberships, restaurants, and the Pro Shop. The adoption of CiMSO’s integrated software suite reflects the resort’s commitment to streamlining its management processes and delivering a seamless experience to its guests.

By seamlessly integrating various operations, the resort can now provide guests with a unified billing experience, from room bookings to golf tee-offs, restaurant visits, and Pro Shop purchases. The successful implementation of CiMSO’s suite positions Lotus Valley at the forefront of modern hospitality management, setting a new standard for resorts seeking comprehensive, integrated software solutions.

Moreover, the CiMSO suite empowers Lotus Valley with real-time analytics, fostering informed decision-making. The integrated software’s intuitive interface facilitates swift operations, reducing processing times and enhancing staff productivity. Its scalability ensures seamless growth alignment, catering to evolving guest expectations and market trends. With regular updates and dedicated support, CiMSO guarantees sustained efficiency and adaptability for Lotus Valley. This partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, ensuring unparalleled guest satisfaction and operational excellence in the dynamic hospitality landscape.

Sappaya Hotel Integrated Software
Sappaya Hotel

Key Components of CiMSO’s Integrated Software Solution:

  • Sappaya Hotel and Grand Sappaya Hotel Management: The CiMSO solution caters to the management of Lotus Valley’s 40-room Sappaya Hotel and 43-room Grand Sappaya Hotel, ensuring efficient handling of room bookings, dynamic rates, and guest folios through the INNkeeper module.
  • Golf Course and Golf Club Operations: CiMSO’s GOLFmanager module facilitates Golf Course and Club management, covering tee bookings, handicap management, and equipment rental for an 18-hole golf course. The implementation also extends to the Pro Shop, utilizing the SHOPkeeper module for retail sales.
  • Stock and Recipe Management: The STOCKmanager and procurement module by CiMSO manages over 3000 stock items and 369 recipes, ensuring effective inventory control and procurement processes for the resort.
  • Accounting and Financial Management: Lotus Valley utilizes CiMSO’s integrated accounting and financial products, including ASSETmanagement for nearly 2000 asset items. The flexible rule-based voucher management option provides additional control over financial transactions.
  • Client and Membership Management: CLIENTmanager and CLUBmanager modules are employed for managing client relationships (CRM), protecting client data (CDP), and handling membership types, loyalty programs, identification, and points management.
  • Point-of-Sale Systems: Various touch-screen Point-of-Sale systems, including SHOPkeeper for the Pro Shop, RESTaurateur for food and beverage outlets, and other retail stores, contribute to seamless transactions and improved customer service.
  • Comprehensive Back Office Support: BACKoffice handles cashbooks, bank reconciliation, and General Ledger functions, ensuring a well-balanced financial management system.
  • Additional Modules for Specialized Operations: Lotus Valley has invested in additional CiMSO modules such as WORKshop Service Tickets for service management, HOUSEkeeper for housekeeping operations, DOCmanager for document management, and TOOLbox for system support in remote areas.
Lotus Valley ProShop
Lotus Valley ProShop

Implementation Timeline:

Lotus Valley decided to partner with CiMSO on October 12, 2023. The implementation process kicked off in November 2023 with thorough preparation and configuration. Subsequent training sessions were conducted in December 2023, paving the way for the resort to go live with the new system in mid-January 2024.

CiMSO supports clients transitioning from fragmented legacy software systems to integrated software ERP solutions. CiMSO also manages the successful deployment of new systems in compliance with their ISO90003 Quality Management Systems and the PRINCEII project management methodologies.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local CiMSO office or value-added reseller for more information on CiMSO’s Integrated ERP Software Suite for Hotels, Lodges, Resorts, Clubs, Timeshare, and Leasing Management.