You are a Cybercrime target – protect your system

3rd June 2021
Pieter Roux

You are a target! Cybercrime has matured into highly organised business and no one is safe…

This past week a wave of cyberattacks from the cybercrime threat actor Nobelium targeted a range of government agencies. NGO’s and consulting firms in at least 24 countries were targeted, according to Microsoft. Read more.

Do not assume that the threat is only towards government agencies and large enterprises. The apparent success of the big cybercrime threat actors is spawning a host of smaller similar threat actors – leaving everyone vulnerable.

The modus operandi is increasingly more sophisticated. The source of the attack is obscure as the perpetrators gain access to trusted technology providers. From there, they infect their customers. Perpetrators also target specific market segments, using current issues of concern as a guise to gain access.

Of grave concern is the rapid increase in these cyberattacks across the world.

Please act now and protect your systems by following the guidelines in our recent article  ‘Ransomware Attacks on the Hospitality Industry’ – Remember:

  • There is no protection against ransomware unless you implement the protection
  • Careless users within the network are 99% cause for infiltration by ransomware
  • Without user awareness the best protection is worthless
  • No one can protect your system, but a disaster recovery plan can help you recover quickly
  • A Cloud archive repository, if permanently connected to your network, will also be infected
  • There is no replacement for a physically separate archive repository, such as INNsync Archive.

INNsync securely synchronizes data between databases. It provides a highly secure, encrypted, proprietary data transmission across all wide-area communication networks. The business remains fully operational at all properties, even if the internet fails. Automatic synchronization resumes after restoring internet connectivity.