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Home is where I work from…

10th August 2021
Pieter Roux

Telkom has just released a quarterly earnings update for the first quarter, ended June 2021 – a tough time for telecom businesses. The lockdown period is marked by people working from home and consuming data. Telkom’s fixed-line business is down 5.6% this quarter, and revenue is only 3.5% higher year on year, driven by the mobile business.

But all is not doom and gloom…

Fibre to the home customers grew by 32%, and there are now more homes connected by fibre than by copper – a key inflection point for Telkom according to the Finance Ghost:

and I work from everywhere

Working from home – or the coffee shop – has seen Telkom mobile data revenue up by 11.1% and mobile broadband customers up by 30.9%. Telkom now has 16.1 million active mobile customers and mobile revenue grew by some 13%.

But all this not sunshine and roses either…

Connectivity remains a challenge – with bandwidth restrictions and poor network coverage the mobile user experience remains rather flawed.

…because I can!

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