Tee Time Booking Frenzy Amid Asia’s Golf Boom

13th February 2024
Tom Davidson

With the rising popularity of golf vacations in Southeast Asia, golf enthusiasts are flocking to picturesque destinations in the region. However, securing tee times in sought-after locations has become daunting, with bookings stretching well into the post-Easter period, as revealed by Golfasian, a prominent player in Asia’s golf tourism industry.

“It’s true that in some regions it’s going to be extremely hard to book a round of golf”

Mark Siegel, Managing Director of Golfasian

Golfasian’s Resilience and Expansion

Golfasian, recognized as the ‘World’s Best Golf Tour Operator’ at the World Golf Awards in Abu Dhabi, has weathered the surge and thrived. Managing Director Mark Siegel emphasizes the challenges of securing golf rounds, particularly in Danang, where tee times are fully booked until the end of April 2024. However, Golfasian’s forward-thinking approach, reserving tee times up to 12 months in advance, ensures their customers will still enjoy prime tee times.

In 2023, Golfasian expanded its operations, opening new offices in Hanoi and Danang, Vietnam, to complement its existing presence in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. The company’s strategic expansion included a foray into the Philippines, further broadening its geographical footprint.

Golfasian’s commitment to excellence is evident in its accolades at the World Golf Awards, where it not only clinched the ‘World’s Best Golf Tour Operator’ title but also secured awards for Asia’s Best Golf Tour Operator, along with country-specific honours in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Cimso software

Mark Siegel, Managing Director of Golfasian

Rising Demand and Innovative Tournaments

With over 15,000 golfers choosing Golfasian for tailor-made golf vacations in 2023, the company is already surpassing this figure in forward bookings for 2024. Beyond vacations, Golfasian has ventured into hosting golf tournaments, with over 2,000 club golfers participating worldwide. The company’s 2024 calendar includes seven tournaments, reflecting the growing demand from golf enthusiasts globally.

Demonstrating innovation, Golfasian has become a hub for golf tournaments in Asia, catering to the preferences of over 2,000 club golfers worldwide.

As Golfasian continues to expand its tournament calendar, plans are in place to add more events to meet the increasing demand from the global golfing community.

Dedication to Customer Experience and Future Plans

Siegel emphasizes Golfasian’s commitment to elevating customer experiences by investing in technology and personnel. The company aims to enhance service quality and scale its business to accommodate its expanding clientele.

Golfasian’s focus for 2024 is clear – to continue delivering refined and memorable golfing experiences that exceed expectations. The company expresses gratitude to its partners and clients for a successful year marked by accolades and expansion.

Looking ahead, Golfasian is poised to meet the challenges of a growing market by investing in innovative solutions and maintaining a customer-centric approach.

As the golf tourism industry continues to flourish in Southeast Asia, Golfasian is a beacon of success, navigating challenges with strategic foresight and commitment to excellence. The company’s expansion, accolades, and dedication to customer satisfaction position it as a leader in the region’s golf tourism landscape.

FLC Ha Long Golf Course CiMSO Tee Time

Ha Long Golf Course – FLC

Elevating Experience through Efficient Tee Time Management

As the popularity of golf vacations in Southeast Asia continues to rise, securing tee times in sought-after locations has become daunting. Golf tour operators and course managers need efficient management solutions to handle the increasing demand and ensure a seamless customer experience. CiMSO Business Solutions offers a comprehensive Golf Manager program that addresses these challenges.

The program provides features like tee time bookings, start management, fast billing, competition and event management, and scorecard and leaderboard processing. This software is designed to streamline the operations of golf courses and tournament organizers, ensuring a smooth and organized experience for staff and golf enthusiasts.

CiMSO’s Golf Manager program can be referenced as a strategic tool for golf tour operators and course managers to handle the increasing demand and ensure a seamless customer experience. The program’s features, including content-rich tee view grids, competition scoring, and leaderboard display, demonstrate its capability to meet the evolving needs of the golf tourism industry in Southeast Asia. With modern management software like CiMSO’s Golf Manager program, golf clubs can efficiently manage their operations and continue to thrive in an industry that is growing rapidly.

Features of CiMSO’s Golf Manager program include:

  • Tee bookings, start management, and fast billing
  • Competition and event management
  • Scorecard and leaderboard processing
  • Content-rich multi-course tee time view grid
  • Details per hole with cross-over times
  • Course access and green fees by golfer status
  • Default seasonal and ad hoc green fees
  • Caddie schedules, fees, and shift control
  • Buggy schedules and rental pool control
  • Pro-Shop touchscreen points of sale
  • Configure default, seasonal, and ad hoc tee sheets with user-defined time increments
  • Support all accepted tee-, number of balls- and number of hole configurations
  • Individual or block (group) tee bookings with direct e-mail and SMS confirmation and waiting list
  • Content-rich course and tee bookings view grid with colour-coded availability status
  • Individual golfer or team events with fast registration
  • Stableford, Stroke- and Bogey Play scoring
  • Fast, real-time scorecard capture and leaderboard display.

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