Sandwerf selects CiMSO Software Suite

Enhancing Hospitality Excellence: Sandwerf Retreat and Stud Farm Embraces CiMSO Software Suite

12th March 2024
Johan Marais

Nestled within the central Namibia landscapes, Sandwerf Retreat and Stud Farm blend nature, hospitality, and community engagement. Founded on the passion for horses and a vision for holistic experiences, Sandwerf has emerged as a haven for guests seeking tranquillity and initiatives fostering social awareness.

With the adoption of the CiMSO software suite, Sandwerf is embarking on a journey to elevate its operational efficiency and guest experiences to new heights.

Sandwerf Retreat selects CiMSO Software Suite
Sandwerf Retreat and Stud Farm

In the pursuit of providing unparalleled services to its guests and the community, Sandwerf Retreat strategically decided to partner with CiMSO, a leading provider of integrated software solutions. Recognizing the diverse needs of their establishment, Sandwerf opted for a comprehensive suite of CiMSO products tailored to streamline various aspects of their operations.

CiMSO Products Tailored: Sandwerf selected a range of CiMSO products, each designed to address specific requirements of their establishment:

  1. CLIENTmanager CRM & CDP: Empowering Sandwerf with robust customer relationship management capabilities, ensuring personalized interactions and enhanced guest satisfaction.
  2. INNkeeper: Reservations and PMS: Seamlessly managing accommodation bookings and property management, optimizing occupancy rates and guest experiences.
  3. STOCKmanager: and Procurement: Efficiently handling inventory, recipe, and procurement processes, ensuring adequate supplies while minimizing costs.
  4. RESTaurateur: TAB-based POS: Streamlining restaurant operations with a user-friendly point-of-sale system, enhancing order accuracy and service speed.
  5. BACKoffice: Accounting and Finance: Simplifying financial management tasks, providing insights for informed decision-making and compliance.
  6. ACTIVities: Scheduler: Facilitating the organization and scheduling of diverse activities, enriching guest engagement and experience.
  7. EVENTmanager: Managing events with ease and precision, from planning to execution, ensuring memorable experiences for guests.

CiMSO and Sandwerf Retreat: Integrated Success

CiMSO’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the provision of software solutions. Sandwerf benefited from on-site installation, comprehensive implementation services, and tailored training sessions. The transition was seamless, and Sandwerf’s staff and management were empowered to leverage the full potential of CiMSO’s integrated software suite, ensuring minimal disruptions to operations.

Sandwerf chose CiMSO software suite

As Sandwerf Retreat and Stud Farm embark on this new chapter of innovation and excellence, adopting the CiMSO software suite is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. By leveraging the power of technology, Sandwerf enhances operational efficiency and cultivates meaningful connections with guests and the community.

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