Swaziland Thambankulu

Tambankulu Club and Guesthouse Embraces CiMSO Integrated Software Solution

2nd April 2024
Johan Marais

In the heart of Eswatini’s sprawling sugar cane fields lies Tambankulu Club and Guest House, a hidden gem offering unparalleled tranquillity and charm. Recently, Tambankulu made a strategic decision to invest in CiMSO’s integrated software solution, a move that underscores their dedication to operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. Spearheaded by CiMSO Value Added Reseller, CSS, this transformative initiative is set to revolutionize Tambankulu’s hospitality experience.

Swaziland Tambankulu Club
Swaziland Tambankulu

As one of Eswatini’s leading agri-businesses, Tambankulu has long been committed to innovation and sustainability. Their recent digitization project, exemplified by the adoption of CiMSO’s software suite, reaffirms their dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

CiMSO’s integrated software solution encompasses a range of modules tailored to meet Tambankulu’s diverse needs:

Tambankulu Club’s Success with CSS Support

With these tools at their disposal, Tambankulu Club will experience a streamlined operation and enhanced guest experience, setting new standards of excellence in the hospitality industry.

CSS, Tambankulu’s trusted CiMSO Value Added Reseller, played a crucial role in implementing the software solution. From seamless license installation to comprehensive staff training and ongoing support services, CSS ensured a smooth transition. Their remote helpdesk support and 24×7 emergency services guarantee uninterrupted operations, while Tambankulu benefits from CiMSO’s License upgrade program, ensuring access to the latest software features and enhancements.

CiMSO extends a warm welcome to Tambankulu, inviting them to join the thriving CiMSO user community. Together, we look forward to setting new benchmarks in hospitality excellence and shaping the future of the industry.

Tambankulu Club

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