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The Amazing Future of Golf Retail – Insights by AGM

30th April 2024
Thomas Davidson

Amidst the bustling landscape of golf retail, the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) has unveiled the findings of a groundbreaking study, shedding light on the industry’s evolving dynamics. Partnering with Golf Datatech, renowned for its rigorous market analysis, AGM’s 2023 Membership Study marks a significant milestone, offering invaluable insights from over 700 industry stakeholders.

Jennifer Morton, CEO of AGM, underscores the synergy between AGM and Golf Datatech, stating, “Our collaboration has enriched our study with robust data, instilling confidence among our members and the wider golf and golf retail industries.”

Key Golf Retail Insights from the 2023 AGM Membership Study:

Sales Growth: The study reveals a healthy uptick in sales, particularly in online retailing, showcasing the industry’s adaptability and resilience.

Brand Preferences: Clear preferences for specific brands and products emerge, providing valuable guidance for retailers and manufacturers.

Salary Trends: Over half of respondents reported salary increases, indicating the industry’s economic vitality.

Social Media Influence: A surge in Instagram and Facebook usage for customer engagement underscores the critical role of social media in contemporary marketing strategies.

Trade Shows and Brand Discovery: Trade shows play a vital role in brand discovery and networking, highlighting the importance of physical marketplaces in the digital age.

golf retail

Jennifer Morton – CEO of AGM

The full report is exclusively available to AGM Merchandiser members, Sales Representatives, and Vendor Partners. “This comprehensive study not only benchmarks current industry standards but also lays the groundwork for innovative growth strategies and enhanced customer engagement techniques,” states AGM.

AGM’s study serves as a beacon as the golf retail sector continues to evolve, guiding industry stakeholders towards informed decisions and strategic growth initiatives.

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