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Dealing with power outages – recommended tips

27th March 2023
Bronwyn W

In South Africa, power outages can cause significant inconvenience and disrupt everybody’s daily routine. Load shedding is the deliberate shutdown of electricity supply to some areas for a certain period, a common practice in many countries during peak hours or when there is an electricity shortage.

Tips to help you deal with power outages

CiMSO customers are not immune to the circumstances created by load shedding; here are some ideas to help manage better:

  1. Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with news regarding power outages in your area and which stage your site will be in. This can help you plan accordingly and stay knowledgeable about when power will likely be restored. You can do so by downloading a mobile application (such as ESP, in South Africa) or a national grid schedule from your electricity provider (Eskom schedule in South Africa)
  2. Unplug electronics: Unplug and switch off electronics to protect them from surges when the power comes back on.
  3. Keep emergency supplies on hand: Stock up on essential items like batteries, candles, flashlights/lamps, and non-perishable food items. Keep a supply of drinking water on hand as well.
  4. Alternative supplies: Invest in rechargeable light bulbs and solar geysers to provide light in common areas to ensure hot water during outages. Use a gas stove to prepare food and equipment such as a bain-marie to keep food warm.
  5. Be cautious with generators: If you have a generator, ensure it is used safely and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Another alternative to a generator is an inverter, many of which can be powered with batteries. This is for smaller lower voltage items, such as powering your Wi-Fi router to continue online work/internet.
  6. Connect with the community: Reach out to your neighbours and see if they need assistance during the outage, or consider forming a community group to share resources.

You can manage any power outage.

The key to dealing with power outages is to be prepared, stay informed, and be patient. With the right approach, you can manage any power outage, including load shedding, with relative ease.

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