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Is your software provider’s technical support all that it needs to be?

20th February 2023
Bronwyn W

Technical support has devolved into FAQs

The need for technical support has decreased during the last five to ten years because we’ve all grown to be more technically aware. For many software solution providers, technical support has devolved into FAQs, self-help blogs, and support groups. By the time you can actually get through to someone, the operators may have to require some support of their own, then you might have to wait for two weeks for someone to call you back.

But what about those critical events or weekends when something goes wrong and your members/guests all look at you, as the person responsible for providing them with the service they expect?

“Technical support has been, and will always be a critical part of deciding which software solution provider to partner with,” says CiMSO’s Chief Operating Officer, Francois Le Roux.

In a saturated market, choosing your software vendor based on product and features is very important, but adding support requirements is critical. The support you receive (or may not receive) has a significant impact on the service you can expect to deliver to your guests, member, staff, and your market/industry.

The technical support model and the team fulfilling the model are providing the quality of service, impacting the service delivery that your organization in turn commits to providing to your guests and/or members.

Understand our customer’s challenges first-hand

At CiMSO, we understand this. Apart from all the latest e-support functionality, we include a traditional method of technical support; our clients have the option to call in and speak directly to one of our consultants. This allows us to understand our customer’s challenges first-hand.

The benefit of having a qualified and certified consultant available to assist you telephonically is:

  • immediately having access to a certified consultant
  • no cumbersome steps to receive support
  • even if all consultants are busy, someone will still take a message to log your case
  • critical business crises can be explained and flagged immediately
  • after hour 24x7x365 emergency support
  • become familiar with a team of support consultants knowing you by name
  • no tedious counting of available hourly support

Who would you like to have in your corner?

We are not taking anything away from new-generation support methods, but our clients expect to still have the option to receive quality telephonic support combined with the use of modern-day technology and tools. “So we continue to include the ability for our customers to call us and speak to a consultant, if and when required”, says Francois Le Roux. “The benefit for CiMSO and the support team is that we get to understand our customers much better.”

Going back to those critical tasks, events, and weekends when things go wrong… who would you like to have in your corner as your integrated software solutions provider?

Effective transition from fragmented legacy software

CiMSO supports clients in the transition from fragmented legacy software systems to integrated ERP solutions. CiMSO also manages the successful deployment of new systems in compliance with their ISO90003 Quality Management Systems and PRINCE II project management methodologies.

Please contact your local CiMSO office or Value Added Reseller for more information on CiMSO’s Integrated ERP Software Suites for Hotels, Lodges, ResortsClubsTimeshare, and Leasing management.