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Charting the Course: CiMSO INNkeeper Empowers Amidst Surging Booking Trends

6th February 2024
Tom Davidson

As the tourism industry experiences a bookings resurgence and aims for growth, accommodation providers must stay ahead of the curve. The recent data from NightsBridge, highlighting a significant uptick in bookings, signals a promising future for the sector. However, to fully capitalize on this trajectory, establishments need cutting-edge solutions tailored to the modern hospitality landscape.

Enter CiMSO’s INNkeeper software—a comprehensive bookings and management system designed to seamlessly align with the industry’s evolving demands. In light of the growing trend toward increased online bookings, INNkeeper offers a dynamic suite of features that directly address the shifting consumer behaviours showcased in the NightsBridge data.

Redefining Online Reservations with CiMSO’s INNkeeper

The surge in online bookings, reflected in NightsBridge’s findings, emphasizes a vital pivot towards digital solutions. INNkeeper not only caters to this demand but also enhances it. With a user-friendly interface, real-time web reservations directly from an establishment’s webpage become effortlessly integrated, empowering businesses to capture and manage bookings with unprecedented ease and immediacy.

Moreover, INNkeeper isn’t just about online advancements—it harmonizes traditional and contemporary booking methods. Its robust system seamlessly manages central reservations, effortlessly synchronizing data across multiple properties in near real-time. This aligns perfectly with the modest but relevant growth observed in offline bookings, affirming the software’s versatility in accommodating diverse booking preferences.

The software’s integrated approach goes beyond bookings; it’s a comprehensive control system for lodging establishments. INNkeeper covers every aspect crucial to ensuring smooth operations and exceptional guest experiences, from reservations management to front office control and city ledger management.

INNkeeper CiMSO

Embracing Digital Growth Amid Rising Booking Trends

The emphasis on customer-centric design resonates strongly with the emerging trends. With its CRM capabilities, INNkeeper allows businesses to identify, understand, and cater to guest preferences effectively, enabling establishments to cater precisely to these preferences and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As the hospitality industry anticipates continued growth, the need for agile, integrated solutions like INNkeeper becomes increasingly evident. This software isn’t just about streamlining operations; it’s about embracing the digital evolution to foster growth and success. Its seamless integration with various auxiliary systems enables a holistic approach to management, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and improved ROI.

The resurgence in tourism, coupled with the digital revolution showcased in the NightsBridge data, calls for solutions that propel businesses forward. CiMSO’s software is poised to be the compass guiding hospitality establishments toward sustained growth, aligning perfectly with the industry’s upward trajectory and meeting the evolving demands of modern travellers.

Let’s take a peek inside CiMSO’s Software Suites to see the range of applications included for managing and organising various aspects surrounding bookings:


  • Fast reservations process for walk-in, FIT, Travel Agent, Tour Operator and Internet bookings
  • Configurable geographic, marketing, industry and recreational sources of business tracking
  • Waiting list console with prioritised guest booking preferences and rule-based allocation
  • Internet reservations in real-time directly from your web page, CRS or online channels
  • Integrated WORKflow system with project board, stages and case boxes to manage sales

Central Reservations Office

  • Fast reservations for all properties in the group with an infinite availability view grid.
  • Near real-time data synchronization between the CRO and all property servers.
  • Powerful group booking management with rule-based mass cancellation processes.
  • Seamless interface to WEBsync’s CRS for online bookings by your channel bookers.

Rates Management

  • Property inventory management with dynamic rule-based seasonal, rack, and special rates.
  • Group bookings and event packages.
  • AHLA budgeting is integrated seamlessly into your income statement (P&L report).

Front Office Management

  • Fast guest identification, registration and check-in with a unique contactless mobile device or kiosk check-in facility.
  • Front office services, including help desk, guest services, vehicle permits and forex buy and sell.
  • Bell services with messaging, lost and found storage and luggage tagging.

Accounts and City Ledger

  • City Ledger console tracks in-house and checked-out bookings for collections and closure.
  • Billing on arrival, nightly or ad-hoc, with pit check control and detailed management reporting.
  • Unlimited guest folios per booking with fast inter folio transfers and reversals.
  • Fast guest account validation and check-out with per folio or consolidated statement printing.
Cimso software


  • Housekeeping services are integrated into the PMS and managed from the lodging occupancy grid.
  • Configurable room grouping with points allocation linked to staff and service schedules.
  • Colour-coded, clean, and inspected room statuses are displayed on the front office bookings grid.
  • We have integrated the HELPdesk system with fast maintenance ticket creation and resolution tracking.


  • Middleware interfaces to more than 600 devices for guest services and environment control.
  • Application provider interface (API) for data exchange with mobile devices in the Cloud.
  • Direct interfaces to financial institutions for credit card and GIRO payments.


  • Local server or computer.
  • Distributed replicating servers.
  • Cloud server.


  • Full documentation (SOP based).
  • On-site, in-person training.
  • Live online or webinar training.


  • Business hours phone and mail.
  • Online chat and remote access.
  • Live 24/7 emergency support.

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