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15th May 2023
Bronwyn W

The Wine Bar & Shop is a beloved destination for wine enthusiasts in Windhoek and has become a staple of the city’s vibrant food and beverage scene. The establishment is known for its wide selection of quality wines worldwide, cosy atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. At The Wine Bar & Shop, customers can sample different wines by the glass, bottle or case and purchase their favourites to take home. The establishment also offers wine-tasting events and other wine-related experiences.

The Wine Bar & Shop in Windhoek recently upgraded their CiMSO system from Version 4.0.3 to 4.2.8. This upgrade provided several new features not available in their previous version, including the ability to draw reports and perform daily management tasks systematically using the CLIENTmanager module.

New features are offered in the upgraded system

The upgrade came at an opportune time for the establishment, as they had recently welcomed a new general manager in January who was not yet trained on the system. Before the upgrade, the general manager had been performing many tasks manually, which was time-consuming and created a big margin for errors. However, with the new features offered in the upgraded system, the general manager was able to streamline their processes and work more efficiently.

The recent upgrade and training session for The Wine Bar & Shop‘s CiMSO system proved to be a significant turning point for the establishment’s stock management procedures. Before the upgrade, The Wine Bar & Shop faced inconsistent gross profit margins, resulting from delayed stocktakes and manual balancing attempts by the accountant using journals.

Easy monthly checks on gross profit margins

With the help of our CiMSO consultant and the new features provided in the upgraded system, the establishment was able to address this issue head-on. We thoroughly reviewed the month-end and stocktake procedures, resulting in a more streamlined and effective process. Additionally, new reports were made available, allowing for quick and easy monthly checks on gross profit margins with just the click of a button. This has enabled The Wine Bar & Shop to significantly improve its stock management processes, leading to more accurate and consistent GP& results.

Overall, the upgrade and training session proved a valuable investment for The Wine Bar & Shop in terms of improved efficiency and accuracy and providing the establishment with the tools and knowledge needed to manage their stock and maintain a thriving business effectively.

Design customized till slips

The Wine Bar & Shop will also utilise a new feature offered by the upgraded CiMSO system – the ability to design customized till slips. This exciting addition allows the establishment to tailor their till slips better to suit their brand and the needs of their customers. With this feature, The Wine Bar & Shop can create visually appealing and informative till slips that enhance the customer experience and set them apart from competitors.

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