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CiMSO Elevates South African Golf Estate Property Surge with REALtor Suite Innovations

30th January 2024
Tom Davidson

The conclusion of the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in demand for homes situated within golf estates. The Seeff Property Group notes a substantial average growth of 8-10% in these estates, attributing the interest primarily to lifestyle appeal rather than investment potential.

The Cape region, in particular, has witnessed an impressive doubling in the value of estates over the last five to eight years. Most sales fall within the R3 million to R14 million range, with notable sales surpassing R20 million.

Particularly in affluent neighbourhoods like Constantia and the Winelands, rental rates for golf estate properties have skyrocketed, fetching monthly returns of over R60,000 to over R100,000.

Golf estates are popular among buyers looking for a change in their lifestyle as well as for secondary homes.

Although the Cape is still a popular option, there has been a considerable surge in demand for golf estate properties in other areas, including Centurion, Pretoria East, Zimbali, and Hartbeespoort.

The Links, Fancourt Golf Estate

The Links – Fancourt Golf Estate

CiMSO’s REALtor suite offers bespoke solutions for managing golf estate property and real estate operations. The Property Register is a comprehensive database organising structural details and amenities for efficient estate oversight. The Timeshare module simplifies managing fractional ownership and rental pool participation, while the Leasing feature streamlines lease management for properties within the estate.

The suite extends beyond property management, facilitating parking permit management, metered services integration, and access control, aligning with the upscale lifestyle expected in these communities.

REALtor offers flexible deployment options and comprehensive support, including on-site training, live online tutorials, and round-the-clock assistance, empowering estate managers to optimize operations efficiently.

REALtor’s Golf Estate Property Solutions Unveiled:

Take a peek inside REALtor to see the range of tools included for managing and organizing various aspects of golf estate properties:

Property Register

  • Property register with extensive property, structure, services and facilities information.
  • Link owner and occupier profiles and unlimited configurable levies to each property.
  • Manage sales using an integrated WORKflow system with project board, stages and case boxes.
  • Manage contracts and letters using the integrated DOCmanager with templates and merge fields.
  • Create maintenance tickets and track resolution progress using the integrated HELPdesk system.


  • Content-rich, colour-coded timeshare display grid with a fast link to the owner or occupier profile.
  • Fast timeshare period and module adjustment.
  • Place selected periods in the rental pool.
  • Seamless integration to INNkeeper for CRO and online reservations from FIT, OTA, TO and channel manager sources.
  • Fast timeshare reservations from the timeshare display grid or directly from the INNkeeper occupancy grid for rental pool units or time slots.

Levy Transactions

  • Configure unlimited levies, levy types and invoicing batches for variable timeshare periods.
  • Configure a levies ledger, raising bulk pro forma invoices without taxable revenue on the levies until receipt of payment, when the pro forma invoice is automatically converted to a tax invoice.
  • Process levy invoices as a consolidated line, a line per levy, or a separate invoice per levy.

Leasing (Rental)

  • Configurable lease term and renewal periods with usage, subletting and status restrictions.
  • Assignment of deposit, rental and rental cap percentages, and lease renewal duration.
  • Document management system with templates and merge fields for lease agreements.
  • An integrated WORKflow system to manage contract archiving, stamp duties and KYC compliance.
CiMSO Golf Estate Identify

Metered Services

  • Configurable metering types and measuring units with fast meter reading capture.
  • Fast mass invoicing with auto calculation of metered services based on meter readings.
  • Application provider interface (API) for data exchange with telemetry metering devices.

Vehicle Parking

  • Manage parking permits for ad-hoc (cash), seasonal (invoiced) and lodging (folio) parking.
  • Register vehicle details and identification unit (IU) numbers and RFID cards for boom control.
  • Access control restrictions are determined by account credit limit and permit status.
  • Designed and printed vehicle permit labels, RFID, QR codes, barcodes, and magstripe cards.


  • Full documentation (SOP based).
  • On-site, in-person training.
  • Live online or webinar training.


  • Business hours phone and mail.
  • Online chat and remote access.
  • Live 24/7 emergency support.

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