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Interview with CiMSO INNkeeper founders

23rd April 2016
Johan Marais

Following on our previous interview article, we continue to ask questions to the founders, Pieter Roux and Pierre Le Riche:

A question to Pieter Roux: Considering the multiple customers that decided to invest in the CiMSO suite of software, what would you say was the most gratifying experience you had with a customer?

CiMSO Business Solution Pieter Roux

Answer: “During the largest installation of the INNkeeper Software suite in Sabah Malaysia’s Sutera Harbour, we installed the software for one property that hosted 2 hotels (total of 1000 rooms), with 1 Marina, 2 Clubs, 5 Golf Resorts, 14 Restaurants and 2 Spas.

The installation required a single integrated solution with reservations, front-office, back-office, stock control, finance, housekeeping, 60 Point of Sales in the Restaurants and included a total of 312 administrative workstations.

Sutera Harbour
Sutera Harbour, Sabah Malaysia

The most gratifying was when the developer at Sutera Harbour was able to close their books monthly each month within a few hours. That meant we exceeded our customer’s expectations.

Although the developer broke up this mega property and sold it off to other resorts, this was definitely at the top of my list for the most gratifying moment with a customer.”