CiMSO keeps growing

Johan Marais Additional CiMSO News

2017 was an exciting year and CiMSO experienced excellent customer growth during the year. Subsequently, CiMSO grew its staff complement in both Africa and Asia offices. New voices you will speak to in Africa include Simone Steven (Marketing and Sales) and Thomas Buys (Customer Support)/

CiMSO e-learning piloted

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During 2nd half of 2017, CiMSO piloted the development of five e-learning modules. The successful recording and posting of pilot modules to YouTube confirmed the value of making training available to customers in an on-line environment for JIT (Just-in-time) training for new customers and existing customers alike.

Managing those complex changes at your property

Johan Marais From the Editors desk

When changing a Property Management Solution, one of the biggest challenges for a Hotel or Resort Manager is managing change throughout the organization. Staff need to accept and adopt the new processes and changes coming from a new system. Not all staff are the same and neither do all staff adopt the technology change in the same manner.