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Interfacing Software

Middle Ware Interfaces

Middle Ware Interfaces

CiMSO provides a middle ware interface engine into COMTROL for a host of devices and services which may be viewed at:
  • 63 Keyless door lock types
  • 56 PBX types
  • 112 Call accounting systems
  • 41 Voice Mail systems
  • 40 In Room Internet billing systems
  • 24 Mini Bar billing systems
  • 79 Movies on demand pay TV services
  • 18 Energy Management systems
Devices serviced by Comtrol may be viewed at:

Client Profile Data

CiMSO’s Data Import tool provides import facilities for a wide range of client, membership, inventory and transaction data using the trusted CSV file format
An interface to the NTUC database to verify membership status
All Twain compliant passport and image scanners

Identification and Access Control Devices

Mifare RFID proximity card readers
QR & Bar code readers – supports QR and all major bar code formats
Magnetic stripe card readers
Texas iButton contact reader
Malaysian identity card system
Keyless door locks and cards

On-line Internet Interfaces

The world channel manager with access to GDS systems
Availability and real time bookings
America's largest online travel agent
South Africa’s preferred on-line property aggregator

Operational & Service Delivery Devices

CiMSO ERP suite API to internet, browser applications and mobile devices
Spirits dispensers and stock control system
Bizmann cloud based e-procurement system
Sun Japan golf ball dispensers

Banks and payment portals

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd – credit card and Giro payments
Development Bank of Singapore Ltd – credit card payments
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd - Giro for accounts payable
Malayan Banking Berhad – credit card payments and receipts
Public Bank Berhad – credit card payments
Fidelity Banking Plc – credit card payments
PayPal Holdings Inc – credit card payments
VCS Virtual Card Services – credit card payments

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later (64-bit Windows 10 recommended)
  • Supported Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later (2016 recommended)
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements: 1.5GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 15GB disk space
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