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The CiMSO Hospitality and Business Management School

Grooming effective managers to focus on sound business management principles, effective financial controls and customer centric service delivery to international standards.


The rapid globalization of our planet, affordable international travel and information literally at our fingertips has stimulated hitherto unprecedented global travel with a commensurate increase in the demand for lodging and hospitality services.

With an ever increasing number of property developers entering the lodging and hospitality market in search of better returns, hotel management companies proliferate. Today, more than ever, there is an insatiable demand for trained and effective hospitality and lodging management staff.

The lodging and hospitality industry is arguably one of the most complex of industries to manage. It demands “knowledge workers” with multi-faceted skills, dedicated to the delivery of excellent customer service in a fast business environment that never sleeps.

Today's lodging and hospitality industry demands delivery of skilled staff from the business education environment.

The CiMSO Hospitality and Business Management School was established specifically to meet this challenge by delivering students with a holistic view of lodging and hospitality management, equipped with the practical skills necessary to make them immediate contributors to the industry.

The CiMSO Hospitality and Business Management School provides students with:

  • a holistic view and a 360º perspective of hospitality service delivery.
  • a comprehensive understanding of the business processes and best practises within the hospitality industry.
  • exposure to next generation, customer centric software management tools which facilitate first world service delivery.
  • an opportunity to participate in an Internship Program which will give them competency in their roles.

Training Syllabus

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