CIMSO - Customer Centric Integrated Management Software

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The Secure Cloud Presence

Online reservations, payments, profile management and activity scheduling


  • Online web reservations live and real time from the Web to your server
  • Secure data environment with protection of client privacy
  • Extensive property and lodging type search view facilities
  • Automated booking confirmation by E-mail or SMS
  • Manage lodging web content real time from your local server
  • Manage FIT, STO and TA rates with BAR facility real time from your local server
  • Synchronize graphic Images and descriptive text from your server to the Web
  • Seamless integration to all CiMSO suite programs
  • Web Payments

  • Credit card payment gateways
  • Bulk credit card payments direct to your bank
  • Bulk GIRO payments direct to your bank
  • Web Profile

  • Client registration and profile maintenance on the Web
  • Client statements available from Web

Effective Integration to the Web

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